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A brand manifesto, is an incredibly powerful tool for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to create a brand that “means something”.

Effective branding is about creating an emotional engagement and connection with your audience. A manifesto, is a public declaration of the principles and values of the brand. It sets the tone and the expectations customers should have of your brand and provides a roadmap for creating consistent experiences with your brand at every touch point.

A meaningful, relevant and engaging manifesto that your brand can live by, and your customers can relate to sets your brand apart and aligns your message with the hopes, aspirations and values of your customers.

An authentic and genuine manifesto can help form an emotional attachment between your brand and your audience, and provides customers a signal to their peers that their and your values are aligned. This let your audience self express, through identifying with your brand’s values and sharing your brand message within their social group.

If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur seeking to develop a richer and more meaningful experience for your customers then consider developing a brand manifesto that declares your values and principles and speaking in real terms to your customers about the issues they care about too.

Some great examples of brand manifesto’s include:

Weber Shandwick

We are engaging – always.
We are provocative, original, surprising – always.
We are conversation-starters, headline-grabbers, attention-getters, sales-drivers, reputation-guarders, brand-builders – always.
We believe in advocacy – always.
And we stick together and work together – always.
We are driven by our clients and their success – always.
We are determined to succeed, improve, excel – always.
We’ve always been this way, and always will.
Weber Shandwick. engaging, always.





The North Face





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