Monthly Archives: July 2013

65 years of innovation!

Honda UK and W+K London have launched a two-minute brand film that celebrates the brand’s creations over the past 65 years – it follows a teaser campaign of idents promoting Honda’s sponsorship of Channel 4 documentaries.

The film shows us a pair of engineer’s hands morphing one famous company invention into another – from lawnmowers to spacesuits to jets – demonstrating Honda’s great innovational spirit. Although this spirit has pushed the company to be the largest engine manufacturer and racing company in the world, this film (directed by Nexus Productions‘ Smith & Foulkes) brings it all back to the basics; one screw, two hands and “The Power of an Engineer’s Dreams”. And beautifully done.

Back in 2005, Wieden produced a similar brand film for Honda whereby a range of their products (mostly automotive then) smoothly convert into one another. Although a completely different execution, the brief was probably near identical. Apparently, Honda needs to keep reminding people of their inventiveness and versatility.



Coca Cola opens up a can of happiness on Italy

Following a year of political turmoil, economic uncertainty and religious upheaval, Coca Cola sought to brighten Italians’ moods by tweaking the design of the Coca Cola can to create a smiling ‘Happy Can’.

Posters carrying a single top-down image of a smiling ‘Happy Can’ with the words ‘open happiness’ beneath the can closure were erected in Rome and Milan. Coca Cola aims to bring the can to shops in the near future.